Special Thanks

On behalf of all the animals we serve every day, Animal Rescue Konsortium offers a heartfelt thanks to the following grantors.

Petfinder Foundation – Social Media Post Re: Kong Grant

Thanks to the Petfinder Foundation, many rescued dogs at Animal Rescue Konsortium (ARK) in Crescent City are enjoying special Kong toys and treats. This amazing foundation is the ONLY national organization that funds animal shelters and rescue organizations exclusively. They have many grant opportunities that help with the care and enrichment of dogs and cats in rescues and shelters. In fact, over 10,000 shelters and rescues have benefited and over 180,000 pets were helped in 2022 alone. AMAZING! Animal Rescue Konsortium (ARK) of Crescent City Florida, was fortunate to receive a grant from this foundation to enrich the lives of dogs while there await their loving families. So many dogs will be wagging their tails and licking their chops with joy thanks for their generosity. Find out more about Petfinder Foundation, and consider donating to them so they can continue helping many more pets, at www.petfinderfoundation.org.

You can donate to this wonderful organization at www.thepetprojectfl.org and help fill other bellies in Florida.


Hats off to PennyFix and Animal Rescue Konsortium (ARK)!!!!

So many of you are animal lovers and have shared concern about the numbers of unplanned litters in the Putnam community. GREAT NEWS! PennyFix provided a generous grant to Animal Rescue Konsotrium to make it possible for 34 animals (22 cats and 12 dogs) to get spayed/neutered. These two organizations partnered so that animal overpopulation can be reduced in our community. PLEASE SAY THANK YOU to PennyFix and consider making a donation to them so that even more animals can benefit from their generosity!!!!

To learn more or make a donation… Learn More

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Pet Project

GREAT NEWS FOR DOGS AND CATS in the Putnam County community! Thanks to the generosity of The Pet Project for Pets program, a signature program of Greater Good Charities, so many dogs and cats will have full bellies of healthy and delicious food for many months to come! Animal Rescue Konsortium (ARK) received a generous grant of food from this incredible organization and it is making a big difference. The mission of Greater Good Charities is to work to help people, pets, and the planet by mobilizing in response to need and amplifying the good. They do this by mobilizing ambassadors throughout Florida to get food and supplies to those pets in need. Our ambassador, Sue Martino (Executive Director, Pet Project For Pets) has been not only generous but so creative in helping to ensure that literally thousands of pounds of pet food gets to needy animals in Putnam County and surrounding areas.

You can donate to this wonderful organization at www.thepetprojectfl.org and help fill other bellies in Florida.

Athletes for Animals

We are very grateful for Athletes for Animals for providing Animal Rescue Konsotium (ARK) with important funding to build a cattery at the rescue facility so that cats awaiting their forever homes can have a chance to enjoy fresh air, playing with each other and experience so many neat sights and sounds. Because their lives are enriched, they are great candidates for successful adoptions. Athletes for Animals is a united team of professional athletes with a shared passion for rescuing and protecting the welfare of homeless pets nationwide. If you would like to learn more about them or help support their amazing work for animals, please visit www.athletesforanimals.org.

Tail Waggers Charitable Foundation

Thanks to a kind and generous donation to Animal Rescue Konsotrium (ARK), nearly 80 dogs/puppies benefited from potentially lifesaving vaccinations and heartworm testing. This incredible organization provides funding to area shelters and canine organizations in order to give life, potential and opportunity to our beloved dogs. Please visit their website at www.tailwaggersfl.com to find out more or to donate so that others can be helped as well.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) as Trustee of the Alice Morgan/Edith Goode Trust

Two incredible ladies, Alice Morgan Wright and Edith Goode shared an incredible passion for animals and have created an amazing legacy to animal protection. With the HSUS as the trustee, they continue their love for animals through granting funds to organizations worldwide. Amazingly, Edith Goode was also a founder of the HSUS and Humane Education Center. Animal Rescue Konsortium (ARK) was fortunate to obtain a generous grant from them to provide spay and neuter services to animals in our county.

Tails of Joy (Little Guy Grant)

Founder Elayne Boosler (comedian, writer and animal activist) launched this wonderful all volunteer organization 21 years ago with the goal to convert tales of woe to tails of joy. One of her hallmark programs is Little Guy Grants which offers support to pet rescues in their plight to improve the lives of animals. Their support of Animal Rescue Konsortium (ARK) is enriching the lives of animals waiting for their forever home. Find out more about the great work they do, and how you can support them, by visiting www.tailsofjoy.net.

Healthy Paws Foundation

Healthy Paws Foundation helps animal rescue organizations care for many animals in need. They launched the foundation in 2009 and have already helped hundreds of pet rescues and shelters through donations of nearly $1.7 million. They do this largely through their “Every Quote Gives Hope” program where the simple act of getting an instant pet insurance quote (via Healthy Paws Pet Insurance) results in a donation towards helping homeless pets in need. Their generous donation to Animal Rescue Konsortium (ARK) is helping to enrich the lives of animals at the rescue and providing the vaccination medication needed to help animals in need. Find out more about their pet insurance and the great work they do for animals by visiting www.healthypawspetinsurance.com.

Community Foundation for NE Florida

Their mission says it all! “Connecting People Who Care With Causes That Matter”. This incredible organization focuses on strengthening nonprofits in NE through funding by generous donors according to their charitable interests. Many of these donors actively support animal welfare in our community and have provided us a grant that makes it possible for many of your “best friend” dogs and cats to receive low cost vaccinations and spay/neuter services that might not otherwise be available. Words simply cannot say enough to express our collective gratitude for all this organization and their donors make possible. Please visit their website www.jaxcf.org to learn more and express your thanks for supporting our pets and the people who love them.

Summerlee Foundation

This organization was founded by Annie Lee Warren Roberts who championed causes that addresses the alleviation of fear, pain and suffering of animals. She founded this incredible organization in 1988 and has received awards in support of animal rescue. She was also the recipient of the Animal Philanthropist of the Year award from the Animal Protection Institute – an unbelievable accomplishment. Thanks to the generosity of this organization, nearly 200 dogs and cats in our community have benefited from low-cost vaccines and/or spay/neuter services that might not otherwise have been available. Please take a moment to find out more about this wonderful organization and thank them for all they have done for our community. Visit them at summerlee.org.

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